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Oil filters Gold® Performance of K&N

What causes that the oil filters K&N are the best ones?

The oil filter Gold® Performance of K&N is constructed to satisfy the needs with high performance of the proprietors and drivers of races, as well as of the proprietor of a vehicle average that wishes the best thing in oil filters available in the market. The indices of efficiency of our oil filter satisfy or surpass the needs of high performance of the manufacturers of automotive motors.

The true quality not only is in the outside… since the internal element of the filter catches the polluting agents of up to 10 to 20 microns of size. We use metal covers in the ends instead of paper to guarantee that the oil that filtered returns to the system. The solid construction allows flow numbers of oil between 12 and 16 gpm (it depends on the size of the filter) and is not affected by fuels for races. The oil filters Gold® Performance of K&N make in agreement with demanding standards of design. A limited guarantee indicates that they do not have defects in the materials or manpower when they settle or they replace using the interval on watch recommended by the manufacturers of the equipment or the motor.

It finds the oil filter Gold® Performance of K&N for his vehicle

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