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 A revolution in the technology of air cleaners

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  • High air flow with excellent filtrate
  • Designed to increase to the horsepowers and the acceleration
  • Washable and reusable
  • The guarantee of the vehicle does not invalidate
  • A maximum of 50.000 miles lasts (80.467 kilometers) before it is necessary to clean it following the prevailing conditions when leading
  • 10 años/un million miles (1.609.344 kilometers) of guarantee limited
  • The emissions are legal in the 50 states of the American Union.
  • Economic: an air cleaner K&N will last while the vehicle lasts
  • It works with the electronicses of the OEM of the vehicle
  • Respectful of the atmosphere: the reusables air filters K&N reduce the volume of disposable air filters that finish in the sanitary fillings of the nation 

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We take in serious the manufacture of air cleaners: We have made serious air cleaners, completely different from the traditional disposable filters, by more than 30 years. The air cleaner that we offer is designed to virtually reach a high air flow and restriction, while the levels stay filtrate critics to guarantee a prolonged life of the motor. The secret of our success is in the unique characteristics of means of our filter that K&N originally developed many years ago in the middle of the dust, the sweat and the tears of the races of motorcycles in the desert. We wished to gain the races and only we encountered a technology of filtrate with cotton destined to the excellence. Our air cleaner of gauze of cotton of high flow washable, reusable and is made to last the same time that lasts the motor. The filters consist of four to six gauze leaves of cotton placed by layers between two leaves of enmeshes of aluminum wire. This means are folded and oiled to improve its filtrate capacities generally and the yield. The result is an air cleaner that dramatically allows more air in the motor, that is washable and reusable, and that it protects to the motor during the life utility of the vehicle.

The last air cleaner that will need the motor its vehicle: We guarantee the filters of spare part by 10 years or 1 million miles (1.609.344 kilometers).  Why we would make such thing?  We do it because the filters are designed to last by the rest of the life of the motor.  We use solely the materials of more high quality and we never risked.  We recommend that the filter is cleaned and oil again each 50.000 miles (80.467 kilometers); then it is possible to be placed in the motor and will work again virtually like one new one.

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