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Races in Pista or Rallies to Travieza Field
The element of an air cleaner becomes an insurance policy when type rallie to field is used in races travieza
The runners sacrifice a high tech motor by the opportunity to gain a race, nevertheless to win deberan to arrive at the goal. If the motor ingests much sweepings and earth, can succumb to an early death before arriving at the goal. You will extremely think who this one will perhaps be the perfect moment to use a disposable filter of paper and cheap. Nevertheless, in a competition, a little extra horsepower can be the difference between winning and arriving secondly. The air cleaner comes to comprise most important in what to efficiency it talks about. 

The air cleaners of K&N are designed to provide minimum restrictions much after the disposable one has arrived at the point to kill its motor. We have tested in a dynanometer for back axes in which one demonstrates that the air cleaner of K&N gives to better results in the amount of horsepower and torsion that operating the vehicle without filter absolutely. For that reason, the majority of the competition conductors uses K&N filters.

In hypothesis and to reaffirm the point, in a field race travieza of 24 hours, a vehicle equipped with air cleaner K&N will arrive at the end of the competition and still filtration space will exceed to him. On the contrary, the vehicle equipped with disposable filter of paper will have to be replaced with a new element, determining and assuring that the motor will have sufficient air to finish the race.

These tables of comparison are presented/displayed in specific filters. The results 
they vary depending in the number of part and the vehicle. For information in detail of 
each of them ™ is available in www.knfilters.com

These tests have been carried out in and with laboratory equipment.

Races of circuit
Perhaps we think that an asphalt highway or an oval track for races is clean of dust. After all, whichever earth or sweepings we found in a track or asphalt highway?

Basandonos in that theory, the runner will be able to choose not to use an air cleaner absolutely allowing the entrance to reasonable amounts of air. Nevertheless, the theory that a filter locked up in an air box will desemntirá that myth. The filter and its container will back catch particles of lazy earth and dust by the cars in the vanguard. Earth, dust and small sweepings, like particles minísculas of rubber you cause by the wearing down of the soft rims in the race cars are possible to be still found within the box of the filter in races of short duration. Once the driver, the proprietor of the car or the mechanic dá by found out the amount of sweepings that reaches the motor, few expondran those motors of high cost to run without filter in future events. 

As long as it is possible the enthusiastic ones they install a filter of abierto element of K&N of 360 degrees. The correct filter in size, or round or conical will virtually send to the motor a air flow without restrictions. We have learned that providing to the motor with high amounts of air produces optimal efficiency. In races of high speed the K&N filter will directly send that amount to the motor, contraatacando turbulence.

For example: the outer blower pipes present/display a unique problem. When exposed to the air of outside and combined at the high speed, its efficiency has like result repressing.
We talked about to the outer blower pipes of mounted type chimney and over the cover of the motor. These send the air towards the motor in a perpendicular angle throughout the tube. 

When moving the air so quickly, creates a turbulence in the opening. In high speeds the force of the air causes an emptiness within the tube. This condition is counter-productive to the air flow. This situation affects in addition open carburetors. While but high the speed, major the problem. The emptiness is created since the motor tries to haul air to the cylinders and the entrance of the taking prevents it.

The reversion causes other problems. In automtrices terms reversion talks about to the air flow going in opposite sense, or simply, it is when the air flow runs in inverse direction by thousandth of second. This condition is caused when an explosion of the pressure escapes from the cylinder during the movement of the valves.

The reversion creates a wave of resonance within the tubes and leave by the side opposed in different volumes, following the acceleration of the motor. One has tried on in addition, that these waves interfere with others when the blower pipes you are one of another one closely together. The installation of a filter that allows the fluid and frees passage of air in the part superior of those takings or on the carburetor eliminates the problem. Like? It has a easy explanation. The filter creates an overpressure camera on the opening. When entering the air the filter is prisoner, calming it and correcting its direction. The filter becomes a pacificador and air cleaner. The counter-productive waves dissipate around that camera of sobrepresió without interfering with the waves emitted by the neighboring taking.

Selection of Filtro
If the objective is to increase the horsepower, the size and the geometry of the filter are of extreme importance.

We consider first its form geometric. When applying a round conventional filter on the motor, like so, on the carburetor, or the central ports of the injection system, we have identified that a great filter in diameter and short of height it will send but air to the motor that a filter of small and high diameter. 
For example, a filter of 10 inches of diameter and 2 inches in width will send but air to the motor that a filter of 5 inches of diameter by 4 inches of stop. As long as it allows it to the space, the stop of the filter will have to be around a fifth or quarter of its diameter. The geometric form comes to be from less importance if its installation is remote. This includes many of the equipped vehicles of recent manufacture with injection system. Typically these vehicles use a flat filter, or of conical or cylindrical form with a designed rubber mount to be located at the end of the hose of the blower pipe.

Life on watch
A Filtercharger® of K&N can be washed up to 25 times before considering itself unsuitable. However, in spite of not being him deterioration some, this one it will have to be replaced after 25 washed. The excess of cleaning will diminish the amount of small strips of cotton that serve as half as filtration and will have like result the passage of small dust particles.

Limited guarantee
All our repairing filters are protected by our famous limited guarantee of a million miles. We invited to him to visit our page in the network of the Internet for majors details.

Excessive lubrication
When giving him service to a K&N filter is careful of not on lubricating the element. Besides the impedimiento that it causes to the air flow, the excess of oil can emigrate towards the blower pipes of the system where it can cover and alter the operation of the electronic sensors. It avoids to saturate the filter. If the oil drips, lávelo once again and repeats the process. It uses oil K&N solely. 
For example, the surface of a E-1500 filter is of 92,4 inches, which requires 1,707 ounces fluid of oil. It follows the instructions including in his filter or consults the instructions listed at the end of this catalog.

Finished product and Last Details
During the installation of a K&N filter, it reviews that the clips, and the seals do not esten deteriorated or damaged. It does not install a filter if the seals exhibit deterioramiento. It reviews that there are not damages or breakage in the box of the air, particularly in the corners. Such defects would cause air flight around the filter. Asegurese in addition that the filter feels appropriately in the box. An air box can have distorted with the continuous heat of the motor. It applies a fat thin layer in both sides of seals whenever the filter has been removed and reinstated. The impression caused by the fat will indicate to him that he is correct. 
It reviews that the hoses have been connected to the air box in correct form.
When finding oil of motor in the air box is an indication that is flight, which will inflict casualties possible of seal. It cleans to the dust or sweepings of the air box with a humid towel making sure that it has not entered of sweepings the blower pipe when the filter has been removed of its place. Never empieze the motor without the installed filter. Cleaner of filters K&N for his cleaning uses unique.

Homemade chemistries of cleaning can cause damages to the material of cotton or to seals. It reviews that the wires of his around do not have breakage or breakings. It does not use an element that exhibits damages or wears away. It uses solely greasy selladora of K&N in the faying surfaces of seals to the air box. It does not use seal fat that is closed by means of clips. If the filter is difficult to install, this it will come with special trainings for his procedure of application. It maintains this leaf of instructions in the vehicle for his future use. It is of extreme importance that the filter is installado in correct form. The filter podra to be installed or in the base or the cover according to its preference, which is but easy to him. The filter does not use excessive force when installing.

We offer thousands of numbers of parts, including filters of spare part of original equipment, universal filters by means of clips and systems of blower pipe. Our objective is to provide component with but the high quality to a competitive price. A Filtercharger® of K&N will be the last filter that you will buy for his car, light truck, rolling house, motorcycle, vehicle for all land, boat or jet ski - Guaranteed.

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