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Because Filters K&N Are the Best ones of the World?

  • Exceptional Filtration and stop air Displacement
  • Designed To increase its Acceleration and Power in Caballaj 
  • Washable and reusable 
  • Duration until of 50.000/80.000 km miles between 
    cleaning following the conditions of handling. 
  • Limited guarantee of Million Miles/1.600.000 km
  • Economy, the Filters of K&N Sobrepasan the Life of the Vehicle 
  • The K&N filter is compatible with the original electronic system
    of the vehicle 
  • Friendly to the Environment. The Air cleaners Reusables of K&N Reducen the Volume of Sweepings 

We very seriously take the Filtration from Air!

By but of 30 years we have made air cleaners completely different from the traditional ones. Our air cleaner has been designed to reach but high air flow, virtually without restrictions and at the same time maintains the correct levels of filtration that are critics and assure longevity to the motor. The secret of our success leaves from the typical of the element of filtration developed by K&N in its principles. This was from the races of Motocross in the desert. Our unique idea was to gain races and we ran into with a technology of filtration by means of cotton that since then already it had as destiny to get to be fabulous. The air cleaners of K&N consist of four to six leaves of placed Gaza of cotton in the middle of two Mayans of aluminum. This immediately will be formed in you fold and lubricated, allowing to the increase of its capacities of filtration and their correct performance. The result is a designed air cleaner to increase to the acceleration and the horsepower of the motor.

Ultimo Air Filter that its Motor Will need!

We guarantee the replacement of its filter until by 1 million miles (1.600.000 km). And so that we make such thing? So that our filters are designed to last the life of their motor. We use solely the materials of more high quality and we never replaced these materials. We recommend that each 50.000 miles (80.000 km) clean and relubrique its filter. Devuelvalo to its place in the motor its operation will be like when he was new.

What We must Know About Air cleaners
Our belief is that the primary function of an air cleaner is the shipment of high air flow and but the high protection of anticontamination to the motor. We design our filters providing minimum restrictions in the air flow towards the motor.

In the great majority of the cases, that increase in the air flow increases the operation of the motor in horsepowers. At the same time it increases the rapidity in the acceleration. The benefits received by the increase of the air flow clear and are well documented. Therefore many professional runners estan arranged to run the their most expensive vehicles without filter instead of to install a filter exhaustedable.

We design our air cleaners so that these are highly efficient when stopping the polluting agents that can damage their motor, at the same time as it sends the maximum to him of air.
The ability with which an air cleaner protiles the motor generally is measured using a procedure of tests developed by the Society of Engineers of the identified Automotive Industry like Procedure SAE J726.
We put under a sample of our design of the filter this procedure using the test “Course Dust Test”, which includes particles in scales from 5,5 microns to 176 microns. Like datum point, the human hair has a diameter of 50 microns approximately. The result of the procedure of the test arrives described means the specific number of the filtration efficiency.
This number of efficiency represents the percentage of dust particles retained by the filter maintaining them outside the motor.
Our goal is to design a filter that reaches the maximum level of air flow like a filtration of to a 98%. 
Since two equal filters do not exist exactly, the specific air flow and the efficiency in filtration will vary, depending in each filter. Nevertheless, it has the security of which each filter that we sell has been designed to give but the high level him of air flow, maintaining the protection of his motor.
Both, air flow and protection, are critics in the performance of the motor. For that reason, the consumer will have to always evaluate a filter based on both factors, the efficiency of his filtration and its capacity in the air displacement. It is easy to design a filter that provides simply high levels of air flow reducing its filtration to unacceptable levels. As we already see, the air cleaners of K&N have reached a tremendous popularity and many companies begin to offer products that copy ours. One comments that the copies are a flattery sample, our tests have demonstrated that many of those “similar” products have like result low levels of efficiency in the filtration.

What is the Importance of the Air flow?
Simply, it represents EVERYTHING! In escencia, the motor is like an air pump. The greater amount of air entering the motor increases the efficiency in the process of combustion and increases to its horsepower and torsion. The power in horsepower is a form to measure the maximum power of the motor whereas the torsion measures the rapidity of its acceleration.

The Filtercharger® of K&N has been designed to increase the efficiency of the motor in both, the horsepower and its answer in the acceleration when diminishing the restrictions of the air flow. 
To maintain the optimal air flow without restrictions comes to be a problem when the air happens to travez of the filter. The level of air resistance depends on the size and the surface of the area and the physical attributes of the filtration system. Our design of the filters in cotton allows to the air but entrance throughout its life, at the same time as it maintains the critics and filtration high levels, assuring longevity to the motor. 

Some Words About the Requirements of Filtration
Some confusivas areas exist but that the identification of the requirements when we talked about to air cleaners and their capacity in the particle retention. The majority of the manuals in the vehicles maintains silence when east point treats. In fact, few manufacturers of filters publish information with respect to the efficiency of filtration of their filters. This exhibits a clear resistance to the extensive amount of information about the requirements and capacity provided in filters for oil and fuel. The realized studies proprocionan information to us in which the majority of wearing down of the motor has been caused by particles of 10 to 20 microns in size. The air cleaners of K&N, like the disposable air cleaners of high quality proprocionan an excellent filtration to those particles.

In order to assure to us that our air cleaners provide a high level of protection, we test methodical and with regularity, using the test procedures arrive mentioned. Those tests demonstrate that the air cleaners of K&N generally reach an efficiency of filtration between 97% and 98%, whereas some of our designs reach to a 99%, at the same time as they maintain a high level of air displacement. This demonstrates to the quality and the capacity of our impregnated filters of oil cotton.
Occasionally designed and sold air cleaners under the promise arrive at the market that provides filtration “increased” in the particle retention with earth or dust. The majority of the times, instead of to provide efficiency tests, this “increased protection” is described as to an increase in capacity of the retention of dust and particles, which means that the filter retains but dust before its replacement.

It remembers, the air cleaners of K&N estan designed to provide one long life to him on watch in comparison to the disposable filters. The unique requirement is its cleaning and to oil them before returning to use them.
We animate to our clients whom they investigate and they find out the filtration capacity of an air cleaner before buying it. Our own ample tests are developing differences in the filtration capacities. We have been surprised when noticing that some of the disposable filters have an efficiency that as soon as it reaches 93%. We thus hope to have provided sufficient information the consumers assuring to them, that they know what they obtain when they buy an air cleaner of K&N.

A K&N filter will last the life of its car. Supposing that you have driven his car by 
150.000 miles, bought and installed a disposable filter each 15.000 miles, you are thrown
 to the sweepings 10 disposable filters.

Basic class in Filtration
The majority of the people thinks that the unique operation of a filter is to stop the particles or that fit or not the perforations of the filter, where the great ones are retained and the small raisins to travez of the filter. A dry filter of paper works of that way. Thus the paper filters restrict the air flow. The openings of that type of filter are very small for an efficient filtramiento.

The base of cotton used in the air cleaners of K&N works of a completely different way.
Scientific principles exist that determine how an air cleaner removes particles of the airflow. First these principles it is known like interception which applies to these particles traveling in the airflow. The air flow takes the route but it cuts since it makes his entrance around fibers of the filter whereas the particles made contact with enemy with fibers where they are captured and retained in his place by fibers and their oiled surface.

Another principle is known like impactación, which affects larger objects or particles.
Impactación happens when this particle is turned aside of the airflow. To put it another way, these heavy particles do not follow the airflow around fibers of the filter, but they hit directly against fibers and are captured.

The important principle but that we used is the one of diffusion, which within the physical laws, governs the very small particle motion. Small particles are affected deeply by the stream force of air. Forces such as changes in the speed of the air, change of pressure, turbulence caused by other particles and the interaction with molecules of the air cause a chaotic reaction to them. As result these particles do not follow the airflow and its motion send erratic them to a collision against fibers of the filter.
This phenomenon allows to the air cleaner the small particle capture him but that the openings in the base of cotton of the filter. In addition, the form in which the dust particles are retained in the K&N filter acts of a different way. A paper filter exhibits mustras of which its filtration happens solely in the surface. This commonly is called “superficial retention”.
In resistance, the K&N filters demonstrate “deep retention”. Cotton the multiple fiber layers provide several levels with dust retention. This characteristic allows to the K&N filter a significtiva dust retention by square but high inch that a paper filter. Using these principles, K&N has been able to design a filter that provides the maximum air displacement like dust of the air provides discharge efficiency when removing.

Results of Tests Realized by Independent Laboratories
Since maintaining the necessary levels of filtration for the protection of their motor are of extreme importance, we sent samples from our designs to independent laboratories for its verification. The tests and procedures to which they are put under are SAE J726, procedure established by the Society of Engineers of the Automotive Industry.

Paper in Comparison to K&N
The air cleaner of K&N is more complex than the traditional filters of paper. Its unique design consists of cotton fiber multiple fabric layers, which capture floating dust. These dust particles are retained by fibers of the filter and come to form leaves from the filtration process. This process, known like deep retention, allows that the fibers of cotton of the K&N filter retain an amount by square but significantly high inch of particles of dust in comparison to the paper filters. The cotton fiber fabric is compressed in the middle of two layers of Mayan of aluminum. The sheets in the surface prolong the cleaning interval. The sheets in the surface simultaneously increase substantially the compared area of retention to other elements such as rubber puffs up or paper.

The particles retained in the surface of a K&N element do not affect the air flow during their life on watch, since there are no small perforations to cover itself. Those particles are catched by the layers of cotton and the oil in which they estan bathed. In the process when catching those particles, an additional filtration of begins to take form and the air will happen to travez of particles catched in its surface. What represents that its air cleaner of K&N continues passing its air flow normal at the same time as accumulates dust. 

Lavable and Reusable
All our filters are washable and reusables. They are easy to clean themselves and to oil themselves using our Recharger Kit until by 25 times.

We recommend a revision each 30.000 miles, nevertheless in conditions of normal ways the filter will not require cleaning until reaching 50.000 miles of continuous use. We have listened to anecdotes of clients who have driven their vehicle by but of 100.000 miles without giving cleaning to the filter, nevertheless 50.000 miles will provide the benefit of a good life on watch without sacrificing the air flow.

Filters for Replacement of Original
We make filters to replace in the majority of the vehicles in the market.
These filters are designed like replacement to the original ones of their vehicle. Made to measure so that they fit in the original and designed air box so that they seal hermetically. These filters are made with the same used fibers of cotton in our filters for vehicles of races and will provide an increase of efficiency in their daily handling. Our filters of spare part or replacement of original estan protected by a Limited Guarantee of a Million Miles. Our air cleaners of spare part are washable, reusables and appropriate for all conditions of handling. The water does not damage its operation. With the appropriate cleaning and in due course, it will exceed the life of his motor. By all means, it offers stop air flow, and this represents efficiency! Our air cleaners of spare part you have been designed to provide until a 4% with increase in the horsepower and torsion. The increase of the percentage of efficiency varies from a vehicle to another one due to the original design of the air intake. While greater it is the restriction created by filter with paper element, major sera its satisfaction in the results that you will observe when you change to a K&N filter.

Beyond the Original Filters and the Air Box.
In mention to the following area of restrictions, the K&N engineers have given special attention to the air box of the vehicle (Described as the original container of the air cleaner) like the hoses and ductos with connection to the motor. Since the air will have to pass first a travez of this system before arriving at the carburetor or accelerator, the size and forms of the system will have a definitive effect in the air flow.

Air, like the water does not like of curves and reacts unfavorably when an obstruction exists as one curves closed in hoses or some impedimiento to its step. In some cases, the box of the air, the hoses or the ductos to create the filtration are as restrictive as the element of paper in the original filter. In some extreme cases, the box of the air or the air passages in the system is the cause of restrictions. The entrance to the air box would serve like good example.

Occasionally this opening is half in size that the entrance of the carburetor or the valve of admission. It would be like trying to run in a marathon while we breathed to travez of a straw. Like example, the original equipment of a cylindrical box to clean to the air, covering the carburetor or the valve with admission. In their majority, these circular air cleaners are sealed.

The motor as well, will have to breathe to travez of a hose similar to a snorkel, adhered to the perimeter of the filter. Some times, this hose is guided travez of a hose network and other elements. In order to attack this problem directly, we have introduced to the market a line of blower pipes of which but the popular ones they are 57I and 57I Gen2 Kits Performance. These elements replace both, the air box and the restriction. Our Kits Performance varies in design since its application is specific and each element designed particularly to the mark, model and year of this vehicle. The Kits Performance uses a design of filtration of 360° increasing the area of air promotion.

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