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Kit on watch of maintenance of the filter of the recargador (aerosol)

A system of maintenance of six steps designed to recharge any air cleaner FilterCharger® of K&N. It recovers the efficiency of air flow so that the FilterCharger
it works like new.
It includes:
Oil in aerosol of 6,5 oz., cleaner for 12 filters of oz. and transfer on watch - no. 99-5000
Kit on watch of maintenance of the filter of the recargador

Just as no. 99-5000 unless it has a bottle that is expressed instead of a boat with spray.

It includes:
Oil to express of 8 oz., cleaner for 12 filters of oz. and transfer on watch - no. 99-5050
Oil for FilterCharger of K&N

The oil for air cleaners K&N is the unique oil formulated especially to work along with the fabric of cotton in the elements of the FilterCharger® of K&N, which allows an air filtrate system of high quality. When it is used according to the instructions, it penetrates quickly you fold in them of the filter and one stays suspended in the cotton fabric. The saturation stays until the element with the cleaner for air cleaners K&N is cleaned.

Boat of 6,5 oz. in aerosol: Red no. 99-0504
Boat in aerosol of 12 oz.: Red no. 99-0516
Bottle to express of 8 oz.: - Red no. 99-0533
Package of amohadillas of,5 oz.: Red no. 99-11312
Bottle of spare part of the 1 GAL.: Red no. 99-0551
Bucket of 5 the GAL.: Network no. 99-0555
Cleaner and desengrasante K&N

The cleaner of air cleaner K&N is the unique formulated cleaner to clean the elements of the FilterCharger of K&N. The use of any other liquid of cleaning can annul the guarantee of the filter and is very probable that it damages the cotton material. Cleaner K&N works to dissolve the accumulation of dirt and old oil in the filter, and it is possible to be rinsed with water. The complete instructions appear in the bottle.
NOTE: It does not use on polished aluminum or hard anodizing.

Bottle under pressure of 12 oz. fl. No. 99-0606
Bottle under pressure of 32 oz. fl. No. 99-0621
Bottle of spare part of the 1 GAL no. 99-0635
Bucket of 5 the GAL no. 99-0640
Scellante Graisse K&N

Graisse scellante K&N forms an impermeable film à to l'air autour DES surfaces d'étanchéité, the south tous them types d'éléments of filters à to air. Résistante à chaleur, elle ne fond pas ET ne s'écoule pas. Graisse scellante K&N ne doit pas être utilisée South them éléments of fixation du leaks.

I had souple of 175 ml #99-0704
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