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Air cleaners of K&N FilterCharger® spare part

  • Designed to increase to the horsepowers and the acceleration
  • Washable and reusable
  • 10 años/un million miles (1.609.344 kilometers) of guarantee limited
  • High air flow with excellent filtrate
  • A maximum of 50.000 miles lasts before it is necessary to clean it, according to the conditions when leading 
Air cleaners K&N of spare part

Kits of induction K&N of high performance

  • Kits of admission of 57i, Kits of yield of fuel injection: kits FIPK, Typhoon and AirCharger
  • It replaces the air cleaner and the restrictive system of factory admission 
  • The latest in the design of high performance of K&N
  • Designed to increase to the horsepowers and the acceleration until in a 10% 
  • It works with the original systems of the computer of the equipment and control of emissions 
Kits of yield of gasoline injection K&N of high performance for Ford, Chevrolet, Honda and many other marks.

Gold® performance of K&N Oil filters
  • It uses key nut to retire quickly easy and
  • It fulfills the filtrate requirements of the motor it surpasses or them
  • Construction for heavy service with walls heavier than gives force against explosions
  • Speed of the flow of oil of 12 to 16 gallons per minute (it depends on the size of the filter)
Oil filters K&N


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